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Annual Concert



Being on stage is fun and exciting!

The concert is a great opportunity for your child to experience performing in a fun and friendly environment. The buzzy atmosphere, combined with the novelty of make-up, costumes, stage lights and applause makes this a truly memorable experience for students and their families. With the joy of performing shining through our students' faces the concert is the highlight of our year.


Working together makes a team.

The concert is a time when the whole school pulls together to achieve a common goal. This helps to deepen our students' sense of belonging, and is an excellent opportunity to practice teamwork. Obviously on stage the dancers must work together, but equally important is the work that goes on behind the scenes, where students help each other manage costumes, stage directions, and jittery nerves. 


The applause is well deserved!

Our students work hard all year improving their strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. In preparation for the concert, teachers carefully craft routines to showcase this hard work and highlight the achievements of their students.

By performing these routines in front of family and friends, our students are able to enjoy well deserved recognition and celebrate their achievements.

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