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We currently submit students for exams in classical ballet, jazz and tap.
While students are permitted to take exam classes without sitting for their exams, we strongly encourage students to take the exams.

This is what's involved in taking an exam..


The teacher ensures students are well prepared.

We use the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) syllabi for our exam classes. Each level consists of a number of different steps, which will be taught and revised in class. When the teacher feels students are ready an exam will be scheduled. To take the exam students need to pay the exam fee and ensure they have the correct uniform. Students will also be invited to attend a rehearsal to practice and feel more prepared.

On the day

Exams don't have to
be so scary!

We are lucky to be able to hold exams at our own studio. The familiar setting really helps make students feel at ease. On the day students meet their teacher at the studio, where the teacher helps with final touches for the uniform. Students then simply demonstrate the steps they have learned in class as instructed by the examiner. The examiners are always very encouraging and understand that students may be nervous.


A sense of acheivement
and useful feedback.

After the exam students receive individual written feedback from the examiner, making exams an excellent way to improve confidence and self-awareness, as well as encouraging students to work on their technique and performance qualities. Each student also receives a certificate of attainment and a medal. We find students feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after completing an exam.

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