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Our Classes

We offer both technical and social classes

Technical classes

We offer technical classes in classical ballet, jazz, and tap, using the Southern Federation of Dance syllabi.

Technical classes are rigorous and focused, with students working towards a defined set of exercises according to their current level. The goal is for students to develop a solid foundation of correct technique, allowing them to safely attempt increasingly difficult steps.

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The physical competence and advanced body awareness achieved through our technical classes transfers not only to other styes of dance but to all physical pursuits, giving our students a valuable advantage in this area for the rest of their lives.


Students up to (and including) grade 1 should begin at level 1 of the syllabus, and will usually advance one level each year. Older students may start at a higher level. In this case please contact us for advice on the appropriate level for your child.

Triple Bill

For young students we offer a combined 'Triple Bill' class covering all three technical styles.

As students progress to higher levels they will need to enroll in a separate class for each style they wish to continue learning.

Age groups


Ages 2 - 5


Kinder (4yo) - Grade 1


Grade 2 - Grade 4


Grade 5 - Year 7


Year 8 - Year 10


Year 11 and above

Social classes

We also offer social classes in a wide variety of dance styles.

These fun and engaging classes give students the opportunity to explore different styles of dance, to gain confidence, to improve fitness, strength and agility, to make friends, and just generally to have a great time!

Entry to these classes is based primarily on age. Social classes are intentionally inclusive, with mixed abilities in each class.

Dance styles


General movement with weekly themes


Graceful and romantic


Fun and bouncy


Expressive and emotional


Fancy footwork

Hip Hop

American street dance

Dance Mix

Mix of jazz, hip hop, fitness & games

Musical Theatre

Singing, dancing and acting

Acro Dance

Gymnastics for dancers

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